Friday, September 30, 2011

85 entries for kindergarten kids Art Painting Competition

Just last Wednesday, at the Shah Alam Gallery, Tadika Seni & Kreatif (TSK) of Cheras ( I'm the Art teacher, there) organized an art competition of a different nature and approach altogether,... painting on canvas!

Let's forget the ordinary boring kind of  colouring contest (where I used to the jury, too) This competition is just another new beginning and frontier,I should say to the kids (aged 4, 5 and 6 years) to try out some acrylics on canvas, most of them are first timers.....!

Looking at the lively atmosphere during the competition or I should say activity ( because of the no time limit given) the kids were enjoying every minute of the time, and with some briefing given by our TSK chief  cum renowned Malaysian artist En. Zaim Darulaman as the session starts I was more than happy to note that initially there were only 71 confirmed entries from 12 kindergartens but some walk-in late comers on the morning of the registration day makes the total entries to! what a figure...!

The session ends at around 11.30 am and results will be announced on the prize giving day with the winners artworks to be displayed together with TSK students and teacher's paintings on 9th October 2011 at 10.00 pm. at the same venue

The exhibition will be officiated by Prof. Dr. Shukor of UITM.....see you there....!